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Executive Recruiting

Mayors, commissioners, supervisors, council members, trustees, directors, and board members trust Columbia ltd to help them with one of the most important decisions they will ever make, choosing their next manager.

Similarly, professional local government managers and human resources professionals trust Columbia ltd to find high-performing, ethical professionals to complete their executive leadership teams.

Columbia ltd does not offer interim placement services.


Columbia ltd celebrates its seven-year anniversary in December, 2023. In its early years, Columbia ltd provided executive recruiting services to an established, California-based executive search firm. At that time, client contracts were with that firm. Columbia ltd and Andrew Gorgey provided professional services, served as lead recruiter, and successfully completed the executive recruitments. With that in mind, Columbia ltd has successfully completed over 100 executive recruitments in seven western states in every major professional discipline, mostly notably over 40 successful city/county manager, executive director, and closely related recruitments.

Positions we fill

Chief Executive
City Manager, County Manager, Executive Director or related
Assistant City or County Manager or Deputy(ies)

Public Safety
Police Chief
Fire Chief

Legal, Elections
City Attorney, County Attorney, District Counsel, General Counsel
City or County Clerk

Public Works and Transportation
Public Works Director
Transportation or Transit Director

Community and Economic Development
Community Development, Planning, or Building Director
Chief Building Inspector or Fire Marshal
Economic Development Director
Community Relations
Neighborhood Services

Finance and Budget
Chief Financial Officer / Finance Director / Budget Director/ Controller / Treasurer

Human Resources and Diversity
Human Resources Director / Chief Talent Officer
Chief Diversity Officer

Public Information Officer / Communications Director

Internal Services
Information Technology
Procurement and Contracts

Health and Human Services
Health Department Director
Human Services Director

Parks, Recreation, and Other Public Services
Parks & Recreation Director

Library Director
Positions specific to jurisdictions


Columbia ltd assists cities, towns, counties and districts, who find themselves in particularly challenging situations with respect to their communities, organizations, or both. The solution often involves hard work, candor, creativity, and difficult conversations, delivered with finesse, respect, diplomacy, clarity, and common sense. Whatever the situation, we can help you work through it, so you can move on. We love helping you get things done, so you can attain your goals. To resolve your specific challenge, please ask about our problem-solving, project management, and strategic planning services.

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All communities and organizations run into challenging times. We can help. Regardless of the issue or problem, we use hard work and common sense to help you.

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You need to get it done. You’re trying to accomplish your goals. Don’t you wish you could replicate yourself, and hand an important project over to someone who cares about it as much as you, and gives it the same care and attention you would? You can.

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No more notebooks gathering dust on the shelf. Instead, invest heavily in community engagement, in-depth interviews with your elected officials, professional management, staff, stakeholders, and partners to design a plan that produces results. Minimum commitment: two years.

National conference speaker

With an inimitable style that blends the intellectual with the folksy, Andrew Gorgey is an entertaining and provocative public speaker, who has enhanced programing at national and state conferences for nearly 20 years. He has lectured on executive recruitment, interviewing, coaching, mentoring, and related topics at the City/County Management Association conferences in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington, as well as at the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs and Arizona’s Next Generation Leadership Conference at the University of Arizona. At the invitation of the International City/County Management Association, he has counseled ICMA’s Members in Transition nationwide.

Mr. Gorgey has also lectured on leadership at the American Bar Association’s prestigious Bar Leadership Institute in Chicago, the Colorado Bar Association’s Bar Leadership Training course (COBALT), and the Special District Association of Colorado’s Leadership Academy, among others.

To schedule, conference planners should send conference dates, location, and other details via our Contact page or directly to Mr. Gorgey’s email address ending with, using his full first name at the beginning of the address. Please include “Conference Program” in the subject line.

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